Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions describe how HR Analytics Ltd. sells its materials to customers, as well as defines our rights and obligations.

About Us

All content included on the website www.personalitymeasurement.com, such as text, names, symbols, and logos are property of HR Analytics Ltd. (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2 Petar Parchevich Str., app 18, zip code 1000, email: info@personalitymeasurement.com, tel. +359 (0) 2 49 16 157), and are protected by the Bulgarian and International copyright laws.

You are not permitted to copy and/or use materials from the website without the consent of HR Analytics Ltd. You are also not permitted to design and publicize databases that might include substantial (like our prices and product listings) parts our website without the written consent of HR Analytics Ltd.

HR Analytics has the right to change the layout, products, and content of the website without previous notification.


You may order only after you have contacted us and expressed in written form which of our products you would like to purchase, and how many of its administrations you need as well. If you are an Human Resource professional and are going to use our products for organizational assessment purposes, you must first present true and original certificate in support of your qualification, given by accredited institution in accordance to the acting law.

After the customer sends us the written inquiry, preferably in the form of an email, the customer will receive a confirmation email containing the order number, the ordered product/s, their value, and the bank account where the total value of the order must be transferred. The order will be paid once the user sends the indicated amount to HR Analytics Ltd.’s bank account.

When the value of the order is received in HR Analytics Ltd.’s bank account, the customer will be sent an email with containing personalized protected link or links, in case of multiple administrations, leading to the desired product. The links have a time frame within which they are valid. Each link may be used only once, and any failure, except a proven emergency, to do so in the predefined time frame makes it invalid, and the order cannot be reimbursed to the customer.

After the ordered product/test is fully completed, HR Analytics has the obligation to send the customer a personal report with a written and numerical analysis of the customer’s responses within 5 business days after the day of completing the test. The report is therefore the result of the transaction and a proof that it legally occurred. HR Analytics Ltd. reserves its right to amend the report only if there is a mistake that occurred from inattention or technical nature such as lack of synchronization in the file formats and characteristics on the HR Analytics Ltd.’s side and on the customer’s side. In such case HR Analytics Ltd. is obliged to amend the file, and the customer is obliged to assist HR Analytics Ltd.’s help to deliver a functional product. The report cannot be amended in any other cases.

HR Analytics Lts. has the right to refuse or cancel already confirmed orders in case the products/tests are not available temporarily. If the requested products are not available, HR Analytics Lts. will notify the customer within a week by means of an email or a phone call. In case the amount for the order is already transferred to the bank account of HR Analytics Ltd., the user may choose between a full refund or replacing the order with different products.

Payment methods

Payment could be completed only by bank transfer. The payment could be completed once the owned amount is transferred to HR Analytics Ltd. by using the following bank data:

Bank: First Investment Bank AD
Firm: HR Analytics Ltd.
IBAN: BG60FINV91501016841122

As reason for the transfer state the order number (it will be send to you in the confirmation email after your order is placed and accepted). Once the bank transfer is completed and the owned amount is received your order will be send in the form of an email with personalized link.


In case the customer systematically refuses to provide access and condition for successful delivery of the personalized links to the customer’s registered e-mail address, HR Analytics has the right to refuse performing the order. In this case the customer’s order will be reimbursed, but the customer will also be charged a return fee of 10 leva to pay for the return of the customer’s money to the customer’s bank account.


According to the Customer Protection Law, the customer is allowed to reject the order in 7 days term, starting from the day the delivery was accepted. The customer is allowed to reject the product and return it without paying any liquidation damages and without providing a reason for the return.

In case of return, HR Analytics is obliged to return the acquired amount in 30 days term, counted from the date the refusal was made. The amount will be transferred in the provided by the customer bank account. Only the amount for the returned products will be refunded, the bank transaction fee for the return, however, has to be paid by the customer.

If you want to return the order you must do so in written form by sending an email to info@personalitymeasurment.com in which you specify the product you want to return and the bank account where you want to receive the owned amount.

Personal Data

HR Analytics Ltd. guarantees confidentiality to its customers. Their information will not be used, provided or given to any third parties. HR Analytics will protect any personal information provided on our website unless the information is not correct.

According to the operating laws and the current terms and conditions HR Analytics may and will use this information only for trading operations. Any other purpose for which the information may be used will be in accordance to the Bulgarian laws, international acts, Internet ethics, moral rules and fair treatment.

HR Analytics has the right to make changes on the current terms and conditions.