Big Five Personality Inventory

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Talent selection

Training and development initiatives

Managerial assessment

Content: 36 Scales, 220 Items

Administration: 30 minutes

Age Group: 18-65

Standardization sample: 407 Bulgarians

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The Big Five Personality Inventory provides a thorough assessment of non-clinical personality. It is aligned with the most authoritative model of personality since the 1980s – the Five Factor Model. The test provides results on the five broad factors of personality – Extraversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience, and Agreeableness. It splits each factor into six sub-traits (called facets). Thus, the test provides both a broad and specific assessment of personality.

It might be that your business does not need to assess some of the 30 traits, and we can customize it to your specific needs. For example, you might not need to know how artistic or talkative a machine operator is, but are looking for a specific personality mix that your company requires for successful job performance. Ideally, we will help you to customize the BFPI to assess the particular factors and facets of personality that are most relevant to the nature of the job that you are selecting for.

The rationale for assessing personality is that it has been proven to predict about a quarter of supervisor-rated job performance. It also predicts the quality of teamwork and the incidence of counterproductive work behaviors such as sabotage, theft, bullying and tardiness.

Businesses can benefit by measuring personality at the selection stage to prevent later costs of replacing employees who are too neurotic, unconscientious, or disagreeable to fulfill their work duties, deal with customers, or remain resilient and motivated in critical situations.

The test can be used to predict behavior not only at work but in life too. It is a great tool for self-assessment and can help individuals enrich their personal lives and professional prospects. By getting professional feedback on your complete personality picture you can start working right away on your weaknesses and exploit your strengths.


This test contains the following personality factors and facets:

Extraversion: Friendly, Talkative, Impactful, Active, Excited, Positive

Negative Emotionality: Anxious, Angry, Depressive, Self-conscious, Immoderate, Vulnerable

Conscientiousness: Effective, Ordered, Dutiful, Achieving, Disciplined, Cautious

Intellectual potential: Imaginative, Artistic, Emotional, Adventurous, Intellectual, Liberal

Agreeableness: Trustful, Moral, Altruistic, Cooperative, Modest, Sympathetic

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