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Why HR Analytics?

Psychological assessments can add substantial value to organizational performance by significantly empowering human resource experts to reach their selection, training and development goals. HR Analytics Bulgaria understands this competitive advantage and provides human resource professionals with a comprehensive set of assessment tools for measuring personality, intelligence and professional skills.

High Standard

Our tests aim at both depth and breadth for predicting performance criteria relevant to the changing nature of work in the 21st century. They are developed according to the standards and latest scientific developments in work psychology, statistics and personnel law. 

All tests are standardized in Bulgaria and their results provide meaningful comparisons with the Bulgarian population. 

Made for You

Our clients’ needs and requirements guide our expertise in designing customized, practical, and rigorously validated assessments. We can assist Bulgarian managers analyze the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality of their personnel, and consequently increase organizational efficiency and commitment. We will design tests that meet your requirements and reflect the nature of your business.

We are the only Bulgarian company which directly and expediently provides online assessments not only to corporate, but also to individual clients. We offer affordable fees and do not require you to undergo trainings to interpret your results. In the changing world of work our clients are our most trusted asset.

Selection Process

Good selection process reduces turnover

Professional level

Use personality tests to measure the professional level of employees

Leadership Skills

Personality tests will help you to identify the hidden leaders in your organization

Performance appraisal

Personality tests - more objectivity and less subjectivity in assessing employees